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Business trip

I will be going to Chicago on a business trip in 3 weeks (Nov 11). The hotel I have reservations with is pet friendly, so now I am trying to find a dog walker in Chicago who will be able to take my dog out for walks while I am in meetings. The hotel will have a doggie bed and doggie bowl ready in the room when we arrive, and having her there with me will help me not to be lonely. Plus, I'll get some fresh air myself from taking her out. She is such an angel.

In related news, Tim took our large dog to the shelter today. I have been unable to sufficiently train him. He is possessive of me and jealous for my attentions, which would both make for bad circumstances with the baby. I have truly failed him. Tim took him in today, they have separate bins to drop off dogs when there are no employees there. The doors lock when they are closed, so there is no way to get him back. Tim said he stuck his nose in, saw a food and water dish and went in. Tim said good bye, he looked back at him and then went back to the food and water. Tim closed the door and it was done. He said all the ride down there, he was laying on Tim. He knew what was happening, both dogs did. The shelter will keep him for 3 days before deciding if he is adoptable. If they decide he is adoptable, he will stay until he is adopted. It is the best we can hope for him. We could not find anyone with a good home who wanted him, he is a large and energetic dog. I feel terrible, and I have only made it worse on Tim who actually had to do the terrible deed. I know I am a terrible pet owner and because of my mistakes, the dog has to suffer. I can only hope that he goes to a good home and that he is well loved. I will continue to cry for my loss, and for the suffering he is going through without a loving family at this time. My heart hurts, but there is no way we had another option with the baby on the way.



June 2008

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