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early first stage

I believe this is called early first stage labor. I woke up with contractions - my entire stomach hardening and tightening with each squeeze. And then I was famished. And then I had diarrhea. I'm going to try to go back to sleep now, see if I can get some snoozing action done. Because if this isn't early first stage, I'll have to be at work in under five hours.

But I'm pretty sure it is. Just need to time contractions. I'll wake up if they get closer and harder. Besides, I have to wake Tim up in under 2 hours. So I'd better go.

And we're back.

I have now showered, applied makeup and foregone perfume. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself now. Sleeping didn't work. Now I'm going to attempt to time my contractions for a while. I have half an hour until Tim needs to wake up.

Here goes...

When I first started timing, contractions were 10 minutes apart early this morning. The second section, after the shower, had contractions that were 9 minutes apart. We are now at 8 minutes apart. I have napped, showered, walked and the contractions are still there.

I sent Tim off to work this morning since we don't know how long it will take or if it really is the time. I am sure it is time, but I don't know how long the first part will take. I would rather have Tim keep busy at work than to have him staring at me right now. Now I just need to keep me busy.

5 to nine and I placed a call in to the doctor's office. I suck at timing contractions, seems to be about 6 minutes apart. Just got back from a walk with the dog. Feeling kinda shaky. Need to make sure I know in time to get Tim home from work. I have a spare outfit for him to change into if he has to come straight to the hospital. Hospital is under 2 min away from our house. Same as doctor's office.

Just past 9:30. The office just called back and they need me to go in to an appointment so they can talk about stopping preterm labor.

I put a call in for Tim, who knows when he'll get it.


i know it doesn't make any sense, but i'm incredibly nervous. not worried, just really want to meet your son, and for some reason i have it in my head that he will hate me.
he won't hate you. you still have time though.
It was preterm labor, but they were able to stop it. It hadn't progressed far enough that they couldn't. So now I'm on bedrest and medication in case contractions start again.
So, I've been thinking about this. I have endo so my menstrual cramps get bad enough for me to vomit, be unable to walk and other wonderful things. So if it's like that, I dunno how it could get more intense. LOL

Keep us posted and take care of you. You're doing everything right from what I've been told.


Sending warm thoughts and support,

Tim says I'm doing everything right too, I just don't know if I believe it! :-)

love love!

darling, i mailed the blanket to you on monday from bluffton. so you should get it soon. it turned out pretty well, if i do say so myself. perhaps a bit less square than a professional blanket, but made with more love than the prettiest blanket in any store. i love you so much, joanna. you have very much been in my thoughts lately. i am sending good thoughts your way and hoping things are going well.

i love you!

Re: love love!

Thank you! I can't wait to see it! I know it's going to look beautiful! I love you!
just saying i'm thinking of you! good luck!
Thank you!

June 2008

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